Beautiful Benefits of Carrier Oils

I’ve experimented around with different types of oils to help my skin. I have terrible dry skin so it’s always a struggle to find the right creams and lotions to combat that. But since using oils, I’ve not had to worry. Dry skin = gone…poof…..vanished. It’s been a miracle. 

Recently, I’ve been leaning more towards home made, natural products for hair and skin instead of crazy shampoos and chemical containing washes. True, the back of the bottle always says no additives, no chemicals and so on but can you really be sure? 

What are Carrier oils? 

These are base oils used to dilute 100% essential oils for aromatherapy or massage purposes. But carrier oils on their own can be used for many beneficial uses. Some commonly used oils are coconut oil, pure almond oil, jojoba etc. My two favorites are coconut and almond oils which I’ll be explaining about in this post.

The Problems:  I have four recurring issues that I have always struggled with: Dry skin, dry scalp with extremely curly /frizzy hair, dark circles and chapped lips. Ugh!!! 😦

The Solutions: Almond oil has been my best friend for all of these. The coconut; mostly for the hair.

I usually buy my oils at Indian stores or Middle Eastern stores but Amazon carries some good, inexpensive options. 

  • For dry skin: Almond oil is very light weight and doesn’t stick to your skin. I prefer almond to coconut oil for this reason. I make a spray of the almond oil with a little bit of water for aeration (3 parts oil : 1 part water). I spritz the mixture on at night before going to bed to let the skin take in the oil and soak.
  • For feet / nails: I use the oil directly on the heels of my feet if they feel rough or cracked and on my nails to replenish the cuticle. Almond oil has Vitamin E which helps with cuticle growth and less nail breakage for all the nail polish lovers out there. (You can also use this same remedy for your hands).
  • For dark circles: I take a little of the oil on my fingertip and gently rub it under my eye. Massage the oil into the skin under the eye before sleeping. Do this for about a week or so and you will notice a considerable difference.
  • For chapped lips: You can use both almond and coconut oil for lips. I’m too lazy so I directly apply the oil on my lips before going to bed but you can always make your own lip scrub or balm to apply. All you need to do is take some coconut oil in a small box (use left over eye shadow dishes, just rinse and dry). Let the oil solidify to a waxy consistency. Just rub your finger over it to apply. (You can add sugar granules to the oil before solidifying to make a scrub).
  • For dry scalp: Before washing your hair, generously apply the coconut / almond oil to your scalp focusing on problem areas and cover your head with a warm towel. Leave for 20 mins and then wash hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Make sure you rinse out all the oil and then apply conditioner and leave for 10 mins. Rinse out the conditioner and style as usual. Repeat this treatment twice a week for a month and you will notice a huge difference.
  • For frizzy hair: Since almond oil is light weight, I use it directly on my hair while detangling. Split your hair into four sections. Take a palm sized amount of the oil for each section and apply from root to tip. This leaves your hair looking moisturized without making it feel too heavy. This also helps prevent knots and breakage. You can make your own leave in conditioner with almond oil, jojoba oil and water. 

Hope this helps get rid of all the dryness and breakage issues. Stay moisturized 🙂 Check out my post on essential oils for dandruff and exfoliation here. Essential Oils


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