Scent of a Store

via Daily Prompt: Scent

Have you wondered how everything around you has a scent?? A special blend of fragrances to help you remember what the item is or trigger a nostalgic moment?

Any building you go into; be it groceries, shoes, clothes or office buildings; they all have their own scents. I think the strongest would be from florists and parfumeries. People spend hours together looking for the perfect combination of smells in flowers or perfume.

I think it quite interesting that we think of pleasant, nice smells with the word scent or fragrance but with odor we thing of something unpleasant that can cause your nose to crinkle up. My favorite would be the smell of a cool, crisp morning. The air smells cleaner and fresher. I love that about early mornings. Too bad I rarely wake up that early to experience it 😛


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