DIY Harry Potter Series – Potions Class

I think my most favorite part of the HP DIY series is these awesome vials of potions. Professor Snape should give me an A for effort and hard work 🙂


I made the following:

1. Basilisk Venom and the antidote; Phoenix Tears,

2. Veritaserum for those liars out there,

3. Skele-Gro for sports enthusiasts who break bones all the time,

4. Amortentia to make someone love you,

5. Floo Powder because you don’t want to travel using an ordinary broom (how boring!!),

6. Polyjuice Potion in case you want to look like someone else for a change,

7. Felix Felicis because we all need a little luck now and then,

8. Wolfsbane Potion to relieve some wolves out there.

To make these wonderful concoctions:

Materials – 

  1. A set of small vials (available at any craft store) – Link: Joanns Tim Holtz Set of Vials
  2. A set of small screw eyes (available at any craft store) – Link: Joanns Tim Holtz screw eyes
  3. Printable labels for your potions ( I found mine doing a generic google search) – Link: Potions Labels Printable 
  4. Assorted colored glitter (big and small) depending on the type of potion (I got mine from Joanns)
  5. Elmer’s Glue
  6. Scissors

What you do: I decided to make 9 of the most memorable potions from the Potter verse. I printed out a sheet of labels and cut them to size to have them ready.

  1. Take the small screw eyes and gently insert each one into the cork of the vial. Make sure it is tightly in place. (You will use this screw eye to attach a thread for hanging on a tree if desired).
  2. I used the biggest vial for making Veritaserum.img_1853 I added assorted silver glitter (big, small and very fine) to cover the bottle. Take any old piece of paper and roll it into a funnel shape. Insert the tube in the vial and pour the glitter through it. Once the vial is full, remove the tube.
  3. Add a thin layer of Elmer’s glue to the bottom of the cork lid and insert into the tube. Add pressure to the cork for 2-3 mins until the glue hardens so the cork does not loosen.
  4. Add Elmer’s glue to the back of your Veritaserum label and press against the vial firmly. Apply pressure for 2-3 mins until the label is secure. Use a damp cloth or napkin to dab away at the excess glue around the label. Your first potion is ready 🙂

I repeated the same process for my remaining potions. The colors I chose were:

  • Basilisk Venom – Lime / Neon Green 
  • Phoenix tears – White flakes and white glitter
  • Felix Felicis – Gold sparkles
  • Skele Gro – Black and Grey coarse sand (available at craft stores in the garden section)
  • Polyjuice Potion – murky brown glitter ( you can also use dark brown sand)
  • Amortentia – a mix of pink, red and white glitter
  • Wolfsbane – shiny blue with darker blue coarse glitter
  • Floo Powder – dark silver and grey coarse / fine glitter



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