Recognize – The Twin Dilemma

Recently, I’ve been quite fascinated with identical twins with regards to facial features and distinguishing abilities. I have a couple of friends who are identical twins and comparing them side by side is fascinating. A lot of times, twins will tell you that there are ways to tell them apart; a slight tilt of the brow on one, bigger eyes on the other etc. Minute details that you would never pay much attention to if you didn’t observe them carefully.

At birth, it’s just a lost cause. You can only rely on fingerprints for the most part or some funny quirk one of them might have picked up. Your best friends are moles, birthmarks and freckles, I would think. But as they get older, it gets easier because they become little people and have their own identities.

Once you identify some of their differing features, it’s always fun to go to a stranger and whisper: “Hey, the one on the right has a tiny mole on his ear. That’s how you can tell them apart…wink, wink”. I would love to be able to look at groups of identical twins and try and find that one intriguing feature that shows you who they are. Of course, they might get uncomfortable and think you’re creepy, but hey that’s what you do if you want to know who’s who.

via Daily Prompt: Recognize


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