Tremble – Emotion Indicators

Trembling is a common physical indicator of so many, mainly negative emotions –  anger, sadness, fear etc. A trembling lip indicates sadness, trembling body shows fear and nervousness, clenched fists and trembling of your face shows anger, trembling voice indicates embarrassment…

There are a few positive emotions associated with this word: excitement, surprise etc.

This brings to mind a discussion I recently had about Taylor Swift and how she has songs for every emotion; some that I have never heard of before. I don’t know why we discussed Taylor’s songs 😛

Sadness: I knew you were trouble, Story of us, You’re not sorry

Anger: Bad Blood, Picture to Burn, We are never ever getting back together

Happy: You belong with me, Shake it off

Regret: Back to December, Dear John, Wildest Dreams

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


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