Colorful Spring DIYs

Spring is almost upon us. This means bright blooms, warm weather, longer days and vivid colors. There will be celebrations, fairs and get-togethers to ring in the new season. This is the perfect time to add a splash of color to your home with these cute and easy DIYs 🙂

  1. Use colorful gift tissue paper to make Potpourri img_1935sachets – Once you make your potpourri (see link here – Make your own Potpourri), lay your colorful tissue on a flat surface and smooth out to remove wrinkles and air pockets. Add some potpourri to the middle of the paper and gently lift up the sides of the paper. Use some cord or ribbon to tie a secure knot towards the top. Place these pretty sachets in cupboards, closets, attics or pantries.
  2. Make your own, fun gift tags to hang at home or in your car – I purchased the Tim Holtz collection of tags, stamps, paints and other products (see link Joann’s Tim Holtz Collection) to make my own, unique tags. I added more detail with mod podge and random paper cutouts. I got a cute little chandelier style hlder from Michaels and hung all my tags at different lengths to make a moving, breathing color display.    


  3. Use old nail polish to paint chopsticks with added embellishments – Use the sticks to make a fun centerpiece with fresh flowers. Rub the sticks with sand paper to remove any splinters or rough edges. Get creative with nail polish (or paint). Use hot glue to stick on some beads or gemstones.                                                                                    


  4. Pretty up a plain glass or plastic bottle with colorful cutouts and ribbon – I used an old glass perfume bottle. I cleaned the bottle with a dry napkin and used a mix of lace, ribbon, inspiring words, charms and designed paper to create a unique piece.    
  5. Use bright, printed washi tape to highlight wall art / pictures – You can purchase a pack of assorted washi tape from any craft store (see link here Michaels Washi Tape) to decorate the most boring thing at home. Use it to outline pictures on your wall. The tape is easy to peel off and will not leave any marks.      


  6. Create one-of-a-kind fairy gardens and terrariums – Read more here (Live Plant Terrariums)
  7. Colorful mason jars to store odds and ends – Grab a couple of mason jars and use different spray paints to paint the lids. Once dry, tie a cute and contrasting ribbon around the neck of the jar. Store your bits and pieces or use the jar to hold flowers, fruit or spice powders.jar 
  8. Doodle color art – Use an old foam board or any cardboard laying around to doodle a fun design. Color it in with markers and pencils; or get your kids to do it to stay occupied for a while 😉 and hang it on a wall to add a dash of color. I did this by cutting out images from a coloring book and coloring them in. I connected them by adding my own doodles around the cutouts.hg

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