Homemade lip balm

fullsizerenderDry,  Chapped, Cracking Lips!!! We all need lip balm. And there are dozens to choose from. But how do you know what is actually in them? The tube might say all eco-friendly, safe, organic ingredients used but can you be a 100% sure? It’s a safer bet to make your own at home with ingredients you choose.

For this DIY, you will need a bunch of different oils and beeswax and that’s it. It’s almost like a chemistry project involving a bunch of different things that you mix together without any explosions 😛

You will need:

  1. Coconut oil – 1 table spoon (Amazon Coconut Oil)
  2. Almond oil – 1 table spoon (Amazon Almond Oil)
  3. Essential oils of your choice ( Amazon is a good purchasing choice)
  4. A pan of water
  5. Small glass jars to store the balm (Amazon Glass Jar Pots)
  6. Organic Beeswax (Amazon Beeswax Bar)
  7. Honey – 1 teaspoon (optional)

What you do?

  1. Take a pan of water and add a bowl with your beeswax (I bought a bar and grate how much I need; 1-2 table spoons is sufficient) and let boil.
  2. Once the beeswax starts to soften and melt, add the coconut oil, almond oil and honey. Let everything melt. Mix to blend.
  3. Add 15-20 drops of the essential oil (I chose peppermint oil. You can always add more or less depending on how strong you want the smell).
  4. Use a spoon or directly pour the contents into the small glass jars and let cool.
  5. Leave in the refrigerator for 30 mins to let the coconut oil solidify.fullsizerender-1

And it’s ready. Your own lovely blend of natural balm to soothe your tortured lips.


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