“Lush” and it’s different meanings

I consider this word to be versatile in meanings, at least with regards to today’s diction and verbiage.

The dictionary defines Lush as – growing vigorously or luxuriantly; as in hair or greenery. But there are several ways to use this word in a sentence with completely different meanings.

  • Lavishly productive as in agriculture or farmland
  • Plentiful or abundant as in crop growth
  • Delicious or savory as in a lush fruit
  • Appealing in terms of sound; as in a lush orchestra
  • Opulent as in lush hotel accommodations
  • Intoxicating or potent as in a lush liquor (urban slang)
  • Pleasing or desirable as in a lush milkshake (British slang)

So many different ways to use one word. I think it’s fascinating how some words can be used in multiple ways with the same spelling to change a sentence completely.

via Daily Prompt: Lush


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