Fun Facts about Sound

We all know what Sound is…Vibrations that travel through air that are heard when they reach a living being’s ear. But there are so many interesting little tidbits to know about sound, stuff you would have never heard of before. I know I didn’t know some of these facts until quite recently.

  • There is no sound in space.
  • Sound travels a lot faster through certain mediums than air (4.3 times more in water, 10 times more through granite etc).
  • Acousticophobia is the fear of sound.
  • Sound waves are not felt only by the ear (some parts of your body actually vibrate in response to sound waves).
  • Sound canceling headphones work by making a sound wave out of phase with the original and canceling it out.
  • Most people hate the sound of their voice recorded. This is because our skull changes the resonance from within creating more bass.

Just a few fun little nuggets I thought I’d share.

via Daily Prompt: Sound


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