DIY Harry Potter Series – Sorting Hat & Remembrall

Back to the HP world 🙂 I made the Sorting Hat (hope I get Gryffindor) and the Remembrall (luckily I remember everything I was supposed to so this is only a decoration).

What you need: 

  1. Small plastic ornament (I Got mine at Hobby Lobby; Hobby Lobby Ornament)
  2. Mini doll witch hat (found in the doll section of Hobby Lobby)
  3. Red transparent ribbon
  4. Gold washi tape
  5. Elmer’s Glue
  6. Acrylic Paint – Metallic Brown, Dark Espresso Brown
  7. Scissors
  8. Hot Glue Gun

What you do?

  • For the Remembrall:
    • Cut the red ribbon into tiny little strips to stuff into the plastic ornament (the ornament comes as 2 halves that you glue together). 
    • Stuff the ribbon into the ornament and glue the ends together.
    • Cut the gold washi tape into a thin strip and use elmer’s glue to stick on to the center of the ornament (where the 2 halves meet).
    • Add some gold ribbon to the loop to hang.      
  • For the Sorting Hat:
    • Use the hot glue gun to draw an X shape on the center of the hat for the eyes and a thick line for the mouth. Draw some zigzag lines along the rim of the hat. Let dry.
    • Paint the entire hat with the dark espresso and let dry for 30 mins. Add 1-2 more layers and let dry.
    • Use the metallic brown to paint details on the eyes and mouth.
    • Cut the rim in a zig-zaggy fashion to make it look old and worn.          



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