Glitter, It’s origins and attraction

We all love shiny, sparkly things. They’re eye catching and tend to be noticed a lot. Some research shows that one reason why humans get entranced by the shine of glitter is because it looks like shimmering water and this relates to a very basic instinct in us to always seek out water. We always need to stay hydrated and unconsciously look for a water source, every new place we go.

But what did people use as a sparkle before glitter was invented?

Turns out  they used naturally occurring strips of minerals like mica, copper, galena etc that were used mostly in cosmetics. Even today, you can find mica in eye shadow and lipsticks. According to old stories, glitter was invented by  Henry Ruschmann who took scraps of plastic and mylar and ground them up to create glitter confetti. He later filed patents for glitter and today, thanks to him, we enjoy different types and colors of glitter.

via Daily Prompt: Glitter


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