Weird, Strange but so true

Babies….So cute, so squishy. While we ooh and aah at how cute they are, there are some strange but true facts about babies that are truly fascinating.

Did you know??

  • A 4-5 month old baby in the womb grows a mustache that it eventually eats and digests.
  • Babies have knee caps but those never show up in X-rays.
  • Babies have about 300 bones (way more than adults) which grow and fuse to form 206 bones.
  • A baby can breathe and swallow at the same time until about 7-8 months.  
  • Babies have a lot of taste buds (wayyy more than adults). They have them not only on the tongue, but also on the sides, roof and back of the mouth. 
  • Newborn babies do not actually shed tears. They just scream and squint their eyes but actual tears are produced only after 2-3 weeks of birth.
  • A newborn’s heart beat is about twice the heart rate of an adult.

via Daily Prompt: Baby


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