“Center” and it’s many uses

Center or Centre: a wonderful, versatile 6 letter word that could be used in different contexts to mean different things. This word has been used since the 1400s; a variant of middle english centre; a middle point around which something rotates or revolves.

It can be used as a verb, noun, idiom, in math, sports and places….So many uses.

  • As a verb:
    • to mark the center of;
    • to come to a center;
    • to collect to or around a center;
    • to gather in a cluster.
  • As a noun:
    • a central point around which something rotates;
    • source of action or a problem;
    • a part of a building;
    • an important place or person.
  • Use in maths / science as center of mass, center as in geometry, center of gravity etc.
  • Use in sports as central position in football, center fielder etc.

This word is also used in buildings or places as city center, activity center of a building, central district etc.


via Daily Prompt: Center


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