Quickening Movements with Twins

A friend recently found out she was going to have twins. Boy..was she overwhelmed. But once she got over that, she realized how quickly things changed inside her. She started feeling little fluttery movements a lot sooner than expected. Usually moms do not feel a fetal movement, or quickening as it is apparently called, until 18-20 weeks. But with twins there’s always a higher chance of feeling everything a lot sooner.

A huge difference with twins and singles is how soon they run out of comfortable room in the womb and start feeling squished…kinda like student housing. As their growth progresses, they start moving a lot more and the mom can feel each individual movement. Sometimes moms can tell which twin kicked based on the position, especially if the babies are on different sides versus on top.

And of course sometimes movement can be confused with the mom’s natural body functions, like flatulence. We got a lot of information and knowledge from our visit to her doctor. I had no idea twins would move a lot faster and that you could detect it if you knew their position. Thought it was worth sharing.

via Daily Prompt: Quicken


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