Goodbye Drawing Woes… Hello Graphite Paper

Do you spend hours and hours drawing images that you find on the web on to paper or canvas and hope to get an exact replica of the original? Do you laboriously go over each and every detail of the image, work to get the exact angle, erase and repeat over and over until you are absolutely fed up and then eventually just give up?

I’ve done that many times and this is even after being forced into countless art classes and workshops. While it is quite rewarding to see that final, wonderful piece of artwork you created, it gets intensely painful creating it. Working for hours drawing, erasing mistakes, giving your canvas that slightly scuffed, dirty look from correcting your image so many times….It gets exhausting.

img_2044Fortunately there is a wonderful invention called graphite paper or transfer paper for artists and novices alike. It basically transfers your favorite image to your desired medium with no erasing or painful sketching involved. Plus, it is grease-free, leaves less residue and comes in different colors. Yay!!

This post discusses how to use graphite paper to make your flawless art.

What you need?

  1. Graphite Paper (available at any craft store; see link Michaels Graphite Paper)
  2. Pencil
  3. Medium of choice (I chose canvas but you can use any medium you like)
  4. Your image of choice
  5. Acrylic Paints – Bright Yellow, Forest Green, Red, White, Orange, Brown
  6. Tape

What to do?

  1. Paint a background color of your choice (I chose yellow) on the canvas and let dry for 1 hour.
  2. Place the canvas on a flat surface, put the graphite paper on top of it and lastly place your image (I chose some flowers that look like a face and drew it on paper instead of using a printout) on top of the graphite paper, forming a sandwich.img_2045
  3. Attach the tape lightly to secure the graphite paper on the canvas. Trace your image on to the graphite paper with your pencil (make sure to apply high pressure while tracing).img_2046
  4. Gently remove the tape and graphite paper from the canvas. You will see a light version of your image transferred on to the canvas. You can darken the image on canvas by going over the lines lightly with pencil.img_2047
  5. Paint your image as you see fit. Let dry overnight.
  6. Embellish with gemstones or stickers.img_2069

Your wonderful piece of art is ready and you didn’t have to slave over it for hours and hours drawing the perfect image. Enjoy!!


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  1. Cherylene says:

    Thanks for sharing. The layout and pictures made it easy to follow. Great idea! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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