DIY Harry Potter Series – Spell Books and HP Book Covers

What is the PotterVerse without the Hogwarts education? All the painful learning of spells, memorizing potions and all the ingredients…it can be quite exhausting. But we gotta have them in our HP themed world. This post is a DIY on spell books and making HP book cover garlands.

Materials for Spell Books:

  1. Felt of different colors ( I went with some spare brown and blue felt I had)
  2. Metallic acrylic paint or paint pens (Gold, Silver)
  3. Elmer’ Glue
  4. Rubberband or Binder clip
  5. White / Beige Cardstock
  6. Scissors and Pencil


  1. Decide how big you want your book to be (I wanted a mini book for my tree).
  2. Use a pencil to make rectangular shapes in the cardstock and cut them out (these will be the pages in your book).                                                                       img_2032
  3. Join them together with the rubber band or binder clip and glue one side with Elmer’s glue. Just put a few drops of glue and use your finger to rub it back and forth across the stack. Let dry for 20 mins.                              img_2037
  4. Measure your felt and cut out a long and thick enough strip to cover 3 sides of your stack of paper, while leaving a little bit on each side. Cut out some cardstock to glue inside the felt to give it more rigidity.img_2033
  5. Glue the cardstock into the felt and let dry. Fold the felt + cardstock on to the stack to form the book cover, making a slight fold at the spine of the book.
  6. Add some glue to the spine of the felt and attach the stack of paper firmly, applying even pressure. Let dry.IMG_2038.JPG
  7. Use the metallic paint or pens to write the name of the book on to the felt and let dry. I decided on Gilderoy Lockhart’s Gabbing with Ghouls but the paint did not sit too well with the felt. Pens might be better options. But I like the scraggly look of the writing so I’ll keep it.img_2049

I also made one of the first year books using the blue felt. The name ‘The Standard Book of Spells’ was written with silver paint. I definitely plan on making some more books but I will use the paint pens (they have better control and do not smudge).

For the Book Covers:

I printed the book cover templates from google images (there are many floating around; I just chose the ones I liked).img_2096

I cut them to the size I wanted and joined them together with yarn and Elmer’s glue to form a little garland.                                  img_2097


You can also glue them together in a circular shape to form a wreath but you will have to print a lot of covers.



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