DIY Harry Potter Series – Flying Ford Anglia

The biggest highlight for me in The Chamber of Secrets was the flying car. The car was a Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe, light blue, modified by Mr. Weasley to fly, as well as to be invisible, via the use of an installed Invisibility Booster. It was also adjusted to fit eight people quite comfortably.

I wanted this car to be my tree topper but I didn’t have enough cardboard to make a huge car. So I decided to stick to my mini theme and make a teeny version of it out of some old crisp tissue + foam paper I had laying around from a Godiva chocolate box. This paper worked out perfectly because I could fold it, paint it, draw on it and also glue stuff to it (be sure to save all the packing paper/foam from boxes, you can use them for all kinds of glorious stuff).

What you need:

  1. Print out a sideways template of the car from google images (I used this template: Car Template)
  2. Thin / Thick Sharpie Marker – Black
  3. Acrylic Paint – Light Blue, White, Black, Metallic Zinc

What you do:

  1. Cut the car’s outline from your template and place over the foam paper. Trace the outline with the thin black sharpie marker. Lightly put in details like the door outline, handle, steering wheel, the car wheels, headlights etc. Cut out this outline from the foam.IMG_2108
  2. Paint the entire car light blue except for the windows and wheels (don’t forget to paint both sides, I almost did). Paint the windows white. Let everything dry for 30 mins.IMG_2107.JPG
  3. Paint the wheels except rims black. Put in fine detailing with the thick back sharpie, over the blue paint (door outline, handle, window outlines, steering wheel, headlights etc).IMG_2110
  4. Paint the wheel rims with the metallic zinc and add a horizontal line across the middle of the car. Let dry.                                                                                                                           IMG_2163


And your flying car is ready. Attach some clear string to the top and hang from the ceiling to make it look like it’s flying.

Optional step: Print out small images of Ron and Harry looking scared and stick them over the front window. Print a small cage with Hedwig in it and some books for the back window.


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