DIY Harry Potter Series – Triwizard Trophy and Hufflepuff Cup

Next in the HP series is Cups / Trophies, specifically the Triwizard Cup and Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup. The Triwizard Cup was made in 1294, the date when the tournament was established. The Hufflepuff Cup was a magical, golden cup with a badger engraved on the side and was the fourth horcrux created by Voldemort.

For the Triwizard Cup:


  1. Mini trophies (Link: Michaels Mini Trophies)
  2. Acrylic Paint – Pale Blue, Metallic Zinc
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Pencil


  1. Paint the body of the trophy with the pale blue and let dry. Use 3 coats.
  2. Paint the handles, the rim, the neck and base with the metallic zinc. Use 3 coats and let dry.
  3. With a pencil, lightly trace out the letters TRI-WIZ-ARD on the body of the trophy (3 letters / section; the WIZ will be to the center of the trophy and the TRI and ARD on the sides. Use a template from google as a reference).
  4. Paint over the letters with the metallic zinc and let dry.
  5. Use the hot glue gun to draw a curve going down the neck to the base of the trophy, indicating a dragon tail. On both handles draw thick lines going down and a huge thick drop on top of the handles for the dragon’s body and face. On either side of the letters WIZ draw thin lines from the bottom of the body till 1/2 inch below the letters. Let dry.
  6. Paint over all the hot glue with the metallic zinc (2 coats) and let dry.


    For the Hufflepuff Cup:

    Materials: Same trophy as above, Acrylic Paints – metallic bright brass, metallic glorious gold


  1. Paint the entire trophy with 1 coat of the gold and let dry.
  2. Use a thin paint brush to draw a shape of a badger with the brass paint and other details from a google image template. Let dry.




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