Reuse, Recycle: Old Egg Cartons

With all the eggs you consume on a daily basis, you should have a ton of cartons to get rid of, especially near Easter. Why not use them creatively instead of dropping them off at a recycling center? This post will help list out a few easy ways to reuse old cartons.

  • Use egg cups to create fun, friendly creatures to delight your kids (Hint: Perfect craft idea for children to keep them out of trouble for a while).IMG_2233
  • Make holders to store your coins, salt/sugar packets, spice packets etc. Attach to walls with pins / screws, or the fridge by hot gluing a magnet to the back.
  • Use the egg cups as pots to grow your own herbs. Use a sharpie to write out the herb’s name, add some small holes in the bottom to drain the water and grow your favorite herb.
  • Use the carton as a paint palette (pour colors into the cups and mix on the lid).
  • Use an egg carton as a stand to cool down your laptop.
  • Make little colorful flowers and hot glue them to a boring old frame to give it new life.
  • Use the entire carton, including lid as nail polish holders, or a craft kit to store paints and brushes (you can use it plain or decorate with paint and accents).                                  IMG_2197
  • Use the lids as storage trays for makeup, lotions, silverware, other odds and ends etc. I store all of my mini lotions, shampoos and soaps on them (they take up very little space). IMG_2199IMG_2200

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