Ordinary objects : Everyday uses

Your home is full of everyday treasures that can be used in new, innovative ways. Read through to find out different uses for butter, straws, rice and more.

  1. Use ice cubes to remove gum from carpet or clothes. The ice helps freeze and harden the gum and it can be easily scraped off. Leave the cube on the gum for about 10 mins and chip away.
  2. For those who suffer from cold / canker sores, rub an ice cube on the spot the moment it starts to tingle till the cube completely melts. This prevents the sore from breaking out.
  3. Use rice to quickly dry wet phones. If you accidentally drop your phone in the pool or toilet (Eeww), dry the exterior as much as possible and place the opened up phone very carefully in a ziploc bag / clean, dry sock filled with rice for about 24 hrs. This will completely dry out your phone.
  4. If you have sticky hands from playing around with glue or tape, rub butter over your hands and then wash with soap. This helps get the sticky residue off.
  5. Use a straw to remove the stems off strawberries or cherries. Simply stick the straw from the bottom of the fruit through the top. This loosens and pushes the stem away from the fruit.
  6. Walnuts, with their natural waxy coating, are perfect to remove scratches or blemishes from your wood furniture. Gently rub the walnut against the scratch and watch it visibly smoothen out.
  7. Do you spend hours trying to peel off a sticker from a new package or box?  Use a hair dryer to make your life much easier. Just leave the dryer on the sticker for 10-15 mins. The hot air will loosen a price tag or sticker making removal super easy. 
  8. Use the eraser at the end of a pencil as a cuticle polisher. Gently push back the cuticle, following the natural shape of your nail bed with the eraser (doesn’t hurt or sting as much as the cuticle shaper).

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


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