Simple, Everyday Hacks to make your life a whole lot easier

How do we manage our lives dealing with time-consuming tasks like cleaning hair brushes, or untangling earphones to listen to your favorite music, or eating a whole bunch of fruit really fast before they spoil? There are wonderful ways to fix these painful tasks while still being able to enjoy your day!

Kitchen Care:

  1. Use some cling wrap / foil to cover the stems of bananas to prevent them from ripening quickly.
  2. Extend the life of strawberries by washing them in a solution of vinegar water (1 cup vinegar: 3 cups water). This kills the bacteria that causes them to mold faster (make sure you dry the fruits thoroughly before storing).
  3. A small jar of coffee beans does a great job as an air freshener if you’re out. Also, coffee grounds help get rid of nasty smells from your fridge / freezer.

Personal Care:

  1. Dab a thin layer of Elmer Glue around your nail beds (outline the edges of the cuticle) and add your favorite polish to your nails. The nail polish will not stain your skin. Peel the glue off after by gently loosening it with the end of a makeup brush or sponge. (Put your nail polish in the fridge for 10-15 mins. The application is a lot smoother and uniform).
  2. Place a dryer sheet over your hair brush before combing to get rid of static (be gentle when combing especially for curly hair).cover-a-hairbrush-with-a-dryer-sheet-and-brush-your-hair
  3. Roll your clothes instead folding them when traveling (this gives you less wrinkles). Unroll the clothes and roll them other way to even them out. (Add a dryer sheet or two in there to get rid of musty smells).
  4. Use vaseline on a Q-tip to remove scuff marks and dark spots from your leather / suede / patent shoes.
  5. String your long necklaces or bracelets through straws to keep them from tangling. Use this method to keep your earphones from tangling. Place them through the straw (use a straw with a wider opening) and say goodbye to tangles.


Home Care:

  1. Use toilet paper rolls to organize cables neatly. FullSizeRender
  2. Use a paper clip to mark the end of a tape roll.
  3. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner side of your toilet roll, before attaching to the holder, to make your bathroom smell great.
  4. Place a plastic shower cap with a little vinegar over your shower head for 20 mins to get it clean (lightly wipe with a warm wet cloth).
  5. Wrap tape twice around your hand and use to remove dust and particles on your furniture.



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