Makers of Music – Creator Prudent Thieriot

Prudent Thieriot (1730-1786) is a Parisian wind master instrument. He was famous for his art in the clarinet , bassoon and baroque flute.

At age 17, in Bourbonne-les-Bains, he joined Parisian master Charles Bizey, a renowned maker of wood instruments. An apprentice for 6 years, he obtained his very own patent and signed his first instruments “Prudent Bizey”. He used this signature until 1751. After the death of Bizey, Prudent became the master of the workshop in the Rue Dauphine. He changed his signature on all his work with ‘Fleur de lys] / PRUDENT / A PARIS’, using his first name instead of his surname, an act unusual at the time. 

He supplied the instruments of the Italian Opera and Theater in Paris. He perfected his techniques and made many advances in clarinet making, an instrument that was developing more at that time. He died in Paris on 9 December 1786. Prudent was the benchmark in the late eighteenth century for bassoons and clarinets.

After his death, an inventory established mentions a list of over 800 various instruments made by him with around 150 clarinets and 130 flutes. His son, who had the same first and last name, continued the factory, keeping the same signature for all future work done which makes it difficult today to identify the makers of the instruments.


via Daily Prompt: Prudent


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