Boho Home Series: “The Bohemian Home Look” – Part 1

Growing up, I always wanted bright splashes of color in my room. Hanging fringy accents, glittery bead lamps and other non-conventional decorations, I wanted them all. I had to settle for a bright pink bed and a colorful tapestry instead. But now that I’ve got my own place, I can go as crazy as I want with no one judging or questioning me. This post will address a few ways, both DIY and non, to create a fun, whimsical look for your home.

A few useful tips to create the ultimate boho look in your home:

  1. Mix and use different textures in your room (cotton, burlap, leather etc). Use different materials for your furniture, pillows and other accents. 
  2. Never leave your walls stark and empty, Get some solid, bright frames for your walls, tapestries, colorful pictures etc.
  3. Get indoor plants to add a casual, airy feel to your room. You can paint the pots in a colorful mess to fit in with your theme. Plants also help purify the air, so double win.
  4. Do not be afraid to clash colors and patterns together.

I always go hunting around in thrift and antique stores for inspiration and ideas. You can find a lot of bright, hand-stitched quilts that are perfect for boring old couches (I have a plain, gray one…ughh). I always tend to find amazing, richly created crocheted blankets and quilts. Aren’t they gorgeous?? ♥♥


Perfect for draping over very plain furniture. Really brightens up the plain couch (with a couple of bright pillows thrown in for a comfy, loungy look and some crochet arm covers).



The best item to create a whimsical look is a tapestry (preferably one with beads and little mirror accents). I found all of mine at ethnic asian / middle-eastern stores. You can also find them online. Cover an entire wall in these rich, crazy tapestries. I purchased three of these, one for each section of my home. This avoids the hassle of finding wall decor for every single wall. I also hung little sparkly luggage tags and masks to some of the tapestries.










Get some colorful ottomans (or plain ones with colored covers) and lay them haphazardly for an informal atmosphere.

Add some greenery with indoor plants or terrariums in colorful pots. You can also get pot  friends (little animals / bugs with wired feet that stick into the sides of the pot).

Lastly, I got a mobile in a dusty white color from Michaels (in their home decor section) and added some colorful tags I had made earlier using the Tim Holtz paints and art kit. It always swings around at the slightest breeze and is a wonderful addition.

The Part 2 of this series will discuss decor in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. There will eventually be DIYs on a few boho decor items. Enjoy 🙂

Check out Part 2 here (Boho Home Series – Part 2)
















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