A jolt of color

Going with my current Bohemian theme, today’s post is an example of home decor to liven up drab and somber rooms. A few images below to show what little can be done to make your rooms pop (images taken from google). Bright pillows, contrasting colored couches or bar stools, gaily patterned throws or rugs will do wonders to a dull room.




via Daily Prompt: Jolt


6 thoughts on “A jolt of color

  1. KetCage says:

    Whoa. These are really good. I must say, you have a really good idea of what decoration and you seem like the aesthetic kind of person. I came to this conclusion because I dont think I’d be able to pic out pics like these from google even if they were in front of my eyes.
    Are you into that field? You could do really good there. Also, if this is just a hobby, seems like an awesome one! 😀


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