Boho Home Series: “The Bohemian Home Look” – Part 2

Continuing with our color journey to create an airy, casual, bohemian look, this post will look at adding a little whimsy to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. As I mentioned in my previous post in this series, tapestries make it very easy to decorate your walls, while adding color. Check out Part 1 here (Boho Home Series – Part 1)

The best place in the kitchen to add color, besides utensils and cutlery, would be the refrigerator using magnets. I have some really cute, mini-flower vase magnets that I got from Michaels that are perfect for holding coupons and cards but I just put fake flowers in there. I also have some wine – lady magnets that add some class. I also got some coffee info cards from Starbucks that I added to my fridge. The whole fridge is just bursting with color.

My chocolate lady sits by my counter-top, ready with candy and snacks if I ever need them while cooking, which is always.


And finally, my $3 purple, straw trash can completes the kitchen. It’s so cute and tiny ♥


For the bedroom, I have a long tapestry on one end ( a bright orange). No need to add anything else, in my opinion, but my ceilings looked bare. So I got little lanterns that I hung at different points on the ceiling in all rooms. My little elephant chime went near the AC vent so I could hear it tinkle ( My apologies: the light wasn’t very good while taking these pictures).

Get a few moroccan glass, mosaic lamps like the one below. It gives out a soft multi – colored glow in the bedroom.


A long rug made of scraps of sari fabric and ribbon leads the way to the bathroom. Isn’t i gorgeous?


You can use colorful shower curtains, soap / brush holders to add a pop of color. Maybe add some fun picture frames, or Potpourri bowls or any other ideas you might have. I went with vertical, paper doily banners from Michaels, matching the color scheme of my curtain. I just tied them with colored twine and voila…Instant color.

Add your own color and sparkle to rooms with glittered accents, embellishments, artwork, bead hangings etc 🙂


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