Craziest Fried foods ever

We live in a society where fried food is considered a wonderful part of most meals – Fried chicken, french fries, even fried veggies. They’re addictive and easy to make, so I can see why. But they offer no nutritional value but a lot of carbs and fat instead. Obesity and related diseases are very common in society due to fried foods.

A not so recent trip to the State Fair of Texas showed me how crazily inventive people can get with frying anything and everything. The state fair is basically an exhibit of the most zany fried foods ever.

I list out a few strange foods I encountered on my visit.

DEEP-FRIED SWEET TEA : Blending brewed sweet tea into a custard filling and then coating it in a graham cracker crust, deep fried and topped with sweet tea syrup. It didn’t taste very good 😦

DEEP-FRIED LATTE : I have no clue how they did that but there was a lot of whipped cream in there.

FRIED SRIRACHA BALLS : This actually tasted pretty good. Sriracha sauce is mixed with shredded chicken, corn, green chilies and tomatoes into little balls, that are breaded and fried.

AMAZEBALLS : My favorite, because it involved chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, maple syrup and bacon pieces are rolled into balls and deep fried. It was a little sweet, salty and crunchy.

DEEP-FRIED COLA : Deep-fried Coke-flavored batter nuggets topped with Coke syrup and whipped cream.

INJECTABLE BBQ BALLS : This was actually fun to do. Shredded smoked brisket is breaded and deep-fried, impaled with mini plastic pipettes full of barbecue sauce. You can inject them with the sauce right before eating.

They had a lot more varieties of fried foods but this will be a really long post if I include them all.

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