Furry, fuzzy and fluffy

I don’t normally like the color gray; to me it’s dull, depressing and there’s no spark to attract me especially since I like colors, colors and more colors.

It’s kind of ironic that I have a blackish gray chinchilla 🙂 She’s so cute and fluffy, it’s hard not to adore her, especially when she rubs the top of her fuzzy head against my palm ♥♥

I share with you my cute li’l gray blob 🙂 She hates having her picture taken. Hence the angry face.


This is how she eats; sticks her whole head into the bowl….No table manners whatsoever. Oh, and she always, always begs for treats. Always.

540276_10150667394627721_296650973_n 536143_10150667395292721_705296982_n

via Daily Prompt: Gray


3 thoughts on “Furry, fuzzy and fluffy

  1. Jenn says:

    Adorable! Ive always wanted a chinchilla! I actually love gray. I think when it happens you either are appreciative of whatever follows it (sunny day after a gloomy one), or it brings a pop to something already lovely (pink against gray has always been a fav combo).

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