Arm / Finger knit your own blanket

This being a DIY blog, I am going to share with you an awesome video on arm knitting your own warm blankets; the same blankets you find on Etsy for $150 or on Amazon for $100. All you pay for is your yarn / wool, which at Joann’s with coupons is nothing, plus you can pick whatever colors you like.

via Daily Prompt: Blanket


10 thoughts on “Arm / Finger knit your own blanket

  1. Erika D. says:

    Where are you getting your roving for cheap at? All my local stores seem quite expensive (although that might be because of my propensity towards the texture of 100% alpaca roving).


  2. Diy Dear says:

    I have come across arm knitting blankets and scarves and things before, but unfortunately have never come across wool with such a thickness. Maybe I’ll have to invest and buy some online…


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