Buff….A color??

Normally, when people hear buff they think of polishing or rubbing. I recently learnt that it’s also a color… a pale yellowish brown color found on undyed leather of some animals.

The first recorded use of the word “buff” to describe a colour was in the London Gazette of 1686, describing a uniform to be “…a Red Coat with a Buff-colour’d lining” (Wikipedia). Such buff leather was uset for buffing or serving as a buffer between polished objects.

Some sand and rocks are buff colored, almost a light beige-yellow color. A lot of species are named because of their buff coloring…like buff arches moth, buff scales on snakes which help them hide in sand, buff fungi that help them hide on rocks etc.


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Boho Home Series: Flag Banners (Indoor / Outdoor)

Finally got done with a few more DIY projects. One of the first that I completed, also the easiest, was the flag boho banner.

Give your home or patio a festive, casual look with this super simple, colorful fabric flag banner. All you need are scraps of old fabric and a whole lot of patience.


  1. Old colorful fabric squares 
  2. Scissors
  3. Hot glue
  4. Paper & Pencil
  5. Twine


  1. Choose the fabric pieces you want to use. Try to mix in different colors and patterns together.            IMG_2488
  2. Draw a triangle template on paper and cut it out.
  3. Use the template as a base to cut out triangles from your fabric.                                                 IMG_2490
  4. Arrange the different triangles in the order you like.
  5. Unravel your twine and keep it taut and straight by holding the edges between 2 heavy objects.
  6. Place the twine on top of a fabric triangle, leaving one inch from the edge. Add hot glue to the twine and wrap the edge of the fabric over it.                                                       IMG_2521
  7. Repeat this for all triangles, leaving about 2 cms between each triangle. Let everything dry. Get some pins or tape and find a nice place to hang your banner.          IMG_2522

You can also use tassels, pom-poms or fabric strips as embellishments between each triangle. Make multiple strands of these and join them by collecting and tying the ends together to create a wall display. 

The PhD struggle

Working in academia, I’ve met many PhD students who’ve struggled to obtain their degree. While it is fun and exciting to conduct your own experiments, it can be quite daunting. A lot of candidates quit early enough to pursue other interests, but those that stuck with it have struggles that I wouldn’t want to go through.

  • Desperately waiting every year to see if the grant money gets renewed.
  • Work, work, work on experiments hoping that at least one combination works.
  • You say good bye to 5-7 years of your life, goodbye to friends / family and socializing of any type.
  • Physical and mental issues – Anxiety, depression, poor eating habits are just a few of the problems faced.
  • Having to work on drafting your thesis.
  • Everyone meeting you only asks one thing “When do you finally graduate? You’ve been here forever”.
  • The lab becomes your home.
  • Your ‘actual’ home becomes storage for your belongings.


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Luna Moth Chilling by the Stairs

I was lucky enough to stumble across this li’l creature at the side of one of the steps near my home. I’ve never seen one before and thought it was a painting. So I bent over to look at it and probably frightened it, because it flew off as soon as I crossed the step. Thank god it stayed long enough for me to take the picture.


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Chinese Finger Art

A trip a year ago to the local art museum yielded these treasures. A collection of chinese cloth canvases created with finger painting. I just love the features and other minute details. Must have taken a lot of patience to complete these. Sorry for the poor quality…. dark pictures in a dark room don’t go so well together.


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Cityscape Challenge!!!

I recently took up the Cityscape Challenge by Books & Coffee. Do you have a special location you go to just to unwind and relax ….. maybe the library ….. walking on a trail perhaps? Join the challenge and share a photo of your favorite spot 🙂

I’ve a couple of spots I’d like to share. My first is this sweet li’l gazebo that I like to sit at when I get off work early. There are small, one-of-a-kind, tiny stores all around this complex (my fav is the antique store, love exploring it) and a lot of children play around here. It’s perfect to just chill and read a book while sipping coffee.IMG_2289

My second favorite spot is not a place I can actually hangout. It’s by one of the major highways but is a great spot to take photos of sunrise / sunset. I love how the rays spread out like a fan 🙂IMG_2324

Adrift – a mission

I happened to bump into this news article while searching for something else. Thought this would be an interesting share for today’s prompt.

Alex Bellini, an Italian adventurer and motivational speaker, will be undertaking his newest and quite dangerous adventure for research atop an iceberg. In 2018, he plans on being dropped on to an iceberg near Greenland and get pushed towards warmer water by the influence of currents only. He wants to explore how humans behave in stressful conditions and how they cope with fear of the unknown.

He will live on the iceberg for about a year as it gradually melts into the Atlantic. He has commissioned the use of a watertight survival capsule containing storage compartments for food and water, that can survive storms and getting crushed between bergs. He plans on writing during this mission, detailing his daily life and his experiences.

Read more here: Alex Bellini – Iceberg Mission

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