Boho Home Series: Decorative Rocks

We have a surplus of rocks around us. Why not grab a few and decorate them to add some color to your environment? You can use painted rocks to create a little bit of whimsy in your garden, use them as paper weights, give them as gifts, paint and then stick them to a canvas for your unique art etc…


  1. Gather some rocks – flat, round, irregular, different colors, big, small…whatever you like.
  2. Acrylic paints – Your choice of colors
  3. Paint Brushes – Get fine and thick brushes
  4. Sharpies – Assorted colors


  1. Clean your rocks thoroughly. Let them completely dry.
  2. Decide on your designs for the rocks. I went with some creatures, some quotes and some mandala designs.
  3. To paint a cat, paint the entire stone black and let it dry. Draw 2 triangles on the top of the rock for ears.
  4. Use a thin brush to paint almond shapes close together for the eyes.
  5. Draw 2 oval shapes under the eyes and a little curve under the ovals for the nose and mouth. Add eyebrows, eyes and whiskers and you’re done. 

  6. For a fish, I painted an irregular rock with metallic gold. Use a black sharpie to draw an eye and 2 fins (one up, one down).
  7. Use the red sharpie or paint to draw random designs on the body. Repeat the same with different colors to get multiple fishes and place them on a blue board 🙂 

  8. For a mandala stone, paint the rock black and let dry. Use the back end of the brushes as well as the bristles to make big and small dots on your rock. I added some medium sized red dots with the back of my brush, by dipping it into the paint. Make smaller dots around the big ones with either the same or different color. Let dry. 

  9. Repeat this for different colors. You can do different designs and swirls using toothpicks as well. Let everything dry completely. 

    As  you can see, I kinda fell on the blue section and it smudged. Had to do a lot of fixing. I did a few word stones with sharpies and a few dots. There’s a lot you can do, so go crazy 🙂 Add them as decorative accents to your garden or as paper weights for your stacks of unread paper.                          IMG_2562


22 thoughts on “Boho Home Series: Decorative Rocks

    • diyingmachine says:

      I know right, it’s a perfect way to keep out of mischief for sometime. My mom used to make me do these when I was younger 😛 You should def get them to play around with rocks. Plus the paint isn’t toxic and washes off easily.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. josypheen says:

    These are really cute!

    My mum is an artist so when I was growing up we’d always have tourists wandering around our house looking at her paintings. I used to paint rocks like this and sell them to tourists for 30p-50p. I thought it was an amazing money making scheme and my little brother and I spent the proceeds on penny sweets. Your post just reminded me of such happy memories. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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