Design your own Temporary Tattoo

Have you always wanted your own designed tattoo and have never been able to find them at stores? Just make your own. All you need is a computer with Paint, an ink color / black printer, a ruler, and some tattoo paper from Joanns (Link: Tattoo paper)

  • Use paint to draw and design your own art. Color it, customize and make wonderful additions to it. Just make sure you choose the right image settings as your paper dimensions.
  • Remove the adhesive from the tattoo paper and place the paper glossy side up in the printer (make sure the image prints on the glossy side; you might want to test the printer first to see how it prints).
  • Once printed, remove the adhesive paper provided in the pack. Lay the sticky side on the glossy surface of the paper and smoothly stick it on. Use the ruler to remove air bubbles.
  • Your tattoos are ready. Just cut out your design and apply it like a regular store-bought tattoo 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Temporary


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