Adrift – a mission

I happened to bump into this news article while searching for something else. Thought this would be an interesting share for today’s prompt.

Alex Bellini, an Italian adventurer and motivational speaker, will be undertaking his newest and quite dangerous adventure for research atop an iceberg. In 2018, he plans on being dropped on to an iceberg near Greenland and get pushed towards warmer water by the influence of currents only. He wants to explore how humans behave in stressful conditions and how they cope with fear of the unknown.

He will live on the iceberg for about a year as it gradually melts into the Atlantic. He has commissioned the use of a watertight survival capsule containing storage compartments for food and water, that can survive storms and getting crushed between bergs. He plans on writing during this mission, detailing his daily life and his experiences.

Read more here: Alex Bellini – Iceberg Mission

via Daily Prompt: Adrift


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