Cityscape Challenge!!!

I recently took up the Cityscape Challenge by Books & Coffee. Do you have a special location you go to just to unwind and relax ….. maybe the library ….. walking on a trail perhaps? Join the challenge and share a photo of your favorite spot 🙂

I’ve a couple of spots I’d like to share. My first is this sweet li’l gazebo that I like to sit at when I get off work early. There are small, one-of-a-kind, tiny stores all around this complex (my fav is the antique store, love exploring it) and a lot of children play around here. It’s perfect to just chill and read a book while sipping coffee.IMG_2289

My second favorite spot is not a place I can actually hangout. It’s by one of the major highways but is a great spot to take photos of sunrise / sunset. I love how the rays spread out like a fan 🙂IMG_2324


3 thoughts on “Cityscape Challenge!!!

  1. Anki Bhoye says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, I love going to a certain spot in my city with my close friends on the weekend. It’s the tome we catch up about how the week went, snack around and just chill. This reminded me of the same. Great post.


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