The PhD struggle

Working in academia, I’ve met many PhD students who’ve struggled to obtain their degree. While it is fun and exciting to conduct your own experiments, it can be quite daunting. A lot of candidates quit early enough to pursue other interests, but those that stuck with it have struggles that I wouldn’t want to go through.

  • Desperately waiting every year to see if the grant money gets renewed.
  • Work, work, work on experiments hoping that at least one combination works.
  • You say good bye to 5-7 years of your life, goodbye to friends / family and socializing of any type.
  • Physical and mental issues – Anxiety, depression, poor eating habits are just a few of the problems faced.
  • Having to work on drafting your thesis.
  • Everyone meeting you only asks one thing “When do you finally graduate? You’ve been here forever”.
  • The lab becomes your home.
  • Your ‘actual’ home becomes storage for your belongings.


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7 thoughts on “The PhD struggle

  1. Erika D. says:

    Gosh, vet med is so alike, though once you’re in there really isn’t much getting out go it. Here’s my version: 6+ years of school, waiting for your scholarships and loans to come through, eight hours a day of school, physical and mental challenges constantly, working to keep your head above water like a duck with one foot, random people asking continuously “what’s it like?”, “how’s it going?” (like a bike ride through hell by the way), the college becomes your home, and your home is the shoebox you can afford, with all your second hand furniture and a futon stuffed within.

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