U-Turn to Utah – Part 2 … The Narrows

The Narrows at Zion is a section of the national park, along the north fork of the Virgin River. It is one of the most popular and crowded hikes, ranked the 5th by National Geographic of America’s Best 100 Adventures.

WIMG_0612e had a guided tour the 2nd day in Zion…. It took approximately 6 hrs to complete with a start time of 7 am. That was a hard wake up call in the morning 😦 I hate mornings.

Saw this guy on the way to the narrows…. Love his velvet antlers. I learnt a fun fact about deer antlers from my guide… the velvet is tissue that covers the bone and cartilage in young male deer. As they mature, the deer rub their antlers against trees to remove the velvet tissue and they get covered in blood but it doesn’t hurt them apparently. That must be a scary sight.

The view of the Narrows from the start of the tour. Beautiful river, cool breeze and gorgeous mountains ♥…. what more do you need?? This is a photographer’s dream and I think I did pretty well with my phone camera 🙂

Strong currents and rapids that you can float through, if you have a dry suit on. There’s no tubing allowed 😦

The view of the mountains from down below.


I love the next two pictures I took. The slight blurriness from the camera adds a certain something to the images 🙂

IMG_0718 IMG_0714

Check out Part 1 of the trip here: U-Turn to Utah – Part 1

Stay tuned for Part 3 – Beautiful unique art by the nearby local Indian tribes.



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