U-Turn to Utah – Part 3 ….. ART at Zion

IMG_2778The final most unexpected part of the trip was perusing the local craft stores to check out the beautiful sculptures, paintings and mixed media work. (Chk out parts 1 and 2 here: Part 1, Part 2)

First thing I noticed was this awesome sign in front of one of the stores 😛


The biggest highlight was leather art: faces sculpted and carved from leather pieces. I love the way everything blends together, with different colors and accouterments.



The beautiful detailing of sculptures made using alabaster and marble was the next, most interesting part of the store. We stayed in this store for hours…. so many interesting things to see.


Wood carved, open candle holder… or just a center piece 🙂


Lastly, we entered a rock / stone souvenir shop. They had collectible glass, semi precious stones, carvings on sandstone and rock, other native american trinkets and weapons. One piece of art I enjoyed was paintings done on rock, following the natural lines and patterns on it.


Our final stop was at Oscar’s cafe for brunch where they had this awesome ashtray, sculpted from stone, to look like a man with his arms around his knees (the ashtray is the hat). Love it ♥♥

And of course who can forget re-purposing old books to hold jewelry and other trinkets….


And making either deer or horses from old gnarled tree branches and roots.


The entire experience was amazing. I should do a road trip just so I can buy some of these treasures and safely bring them home with me.


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