Recycle… Repurpose… Reuse

We have an abundance of plastic bags, bottles, soda cans, foil etc that gets accumulated every minute. It has already reached an overwhelming level, with no successful way to dispose or destroy. Why not just reuse them in other ways? Let your creative juices flow… Get some inspiration from the crazy cool images below 🙂

  1. Reusing soda tabs to create accessories and even functional, usable furniture.


2. Reusing soda cans in fun ways…. Maybe photo frames or wall hangings.


3. Repurpose old bottle caps to existing items, changing the look completely (in a good way of course)



4. Do fun stuff with foil, it’s malleable and bendable and easy to use for sculptures. I love this image ♥ So creative.


5. All the plastic bags we collect from grocery stores and can be used to make wall hangings…. jump rope…. shower curtains…… even clothes apparently.

via Daily Prompt: Create


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