Boho Home Series: Recycled Bottles into Vases / Lamps

Instead of tossing your glass bottles into the nearest recycle bin, why not do something fun with them? This post explores glass painting as a way to revamp all your old glass odds and ends.

You will need:

  1. Glass Paints – See link (Joanns Glass Paint Set)
  2. Gold Lead – Link (Joanns Gold Lead)
  3. 1 glass jar / bottle
  4. Thin paint brush
  5. Pre-designed template (optional)

What you do:

  1. Wash the bottle with warm soapy water (add a drop of dish washing liquid to the bottle and gently scrub. Rinse well with warm water). Let dry completely.IMG_2086 - Copy
  2. Use the gold lead to draw your design (I got my design from Pinterest, they have a lot of options to choose from) on the outside of the glass, making sure the lead flows smoothly (you can put the design template to the inside of the bottle and tape it to keep it secure; draw over it with the lead on the outside).
  3. If you make thicker lines in some places, use the brush to make the lines thinner. Let dry for 24 hrs.
  4. Use the different paints to color in the design. The color comes out bright from the tube (see image below) but it dries a little darker, smoother and opaque to give a nice glossy sheen to the glass. The paint bottles have a nozzle allowing the color to flow out smoothly.        004
  5. You can either directly add color from the tube (see image below; image was taken from google search as a reference) or put it on a pallet and use a brush to put the color on the design. Make sure there are no bubbles when the paint comes out. If you have bubbles on the glass, use a safety pin to gently pop it. Let dry for 24 hrs.                  bevel1ill2
  6. To mix different colors together, add the 2 colors to the design or on a palette and gently blend the section where they meet using a brush (pop any bubbles that form with a pin immediately).
  7. If you accidentally put color on the gold lines, re-paint the lines with the gold lead, using a brush. Add gold dots below the lines for extra embellishment. Let everything dry for 1 day.
  8. Once dry, you can add flowers and use it as a centerpiece or place candles inside to make the colors shine brightly.

I had a spare piece of glass from an old broken frame that I washed, cleaned and decorated in a similar manner but using black leading instead of gold. You can either put it in a frame and display or leave it as is but place it somewhere unaccessible by children or pets.


You can also purchase embellished stickers on a roll (Link: Michaels – Bling on a roll). I used some spare gold bling designs and pearlescent gem stones to decorate old wine bottles. These make excellent gifts for friends or sweet centerpieces. Just add some contrasting flowers to brighten up your room or long fake twinkly candlesticks to use as a soft-light lamp (See link Flameless Candlesticks).




10 thoughts on “Boho Home Series: Recycled Bottles into Vases / Lamps

  1. sleepyduckcodes says:

    Hey, I’ve had this idea of putting a tiny plant in an egg shell and putting the whole thing on an egg cup. How would you recommend I go about it to make it really pretty? You seem like you’d know


    • diyingmachine says:

      Oh that’s a neat idea. Gently break a little opening on top of the shell to drain out the yolk, rinse gently and let it dry thoroughly. Use matte mod podge to paint the base of the shell to harden it so it doesn’t break. Then use a knife to make a slightly bigger opening to add your soil and plants. Add it to your egg cup and paint the cup for your own flair 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. S. R. Wentland says:

    Hi. Again i appreciate your input on community pool. I checked out your site and I sincerely like it.
    I can’t believe how difficult it has been to find blogs giving advice or “how to” info vs. just peoples writings, poems etc.
    keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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