Minion Pop Up Birthday Box

With the recent release of Despicable Me 3 and a friend who loves the minions (not gonna lie… I love them too… they’re so cute :D), I decided to make a pop up minion card for my friend’s birthday. I got several ideas from Pinterest that I sort of adapted, adjusted and changed a bit.


  • Cardstock – Dark blue, light blue, yellow, grey, white, black ( I got these at Michaels for 29 cents each)
  • Pencil / ruler / Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Black Sharpie


  1. Use the dark blue cardstock to measure out 10cm squares on the entire paper. It should look something like this (cut out the excess paper).                                                     IMG_3088.JPG
  2. Cut out the center square and the ones touching it all around to form a plus sign.          IMG_3089
  3. Fold the squares inward along the lines to form the base of the box.
  4. Use the yellow cardstock to make the lid of the box. Measure a 16cm square and cut it out. Make a mark on each side of the square at the 2cm mark and 12 cm mark and join all the lines together.
  5. Cut along the red lines (shown in the second image above).
  6. Fold along the pencil lines on all 4 sides. Glue the cut strip over the rest of the fold with glue.IMG_3122
  7. Do this on all 4 sides till you get a box shape. Make sure the lid fits well on top of the base. Your box is now ready.
  8. Next we create the insides of the box. You will need to cut out 3 yellow squares of 8cm each.
  9. Use the light blue cardstock to draw the minion’s clothes ( I used this image as reference; link Minion).IMG_3094
  10. Cut out one big grey circle (roughly the size of a quarter) and one slightly smaller white circle to make the eye. Glue the white over the grey circle.
  11. Cut out two 1cm strips from the black paper. Stick one strip to the center of one of the yellow squares using tape or glue. Attach the eye to the center of the strip. Use a sharpie to draw an eyeball and a mouth. IMG_3095 copy
  12. Glue the blue outfit to the base of the square. Add the extra details to the outfit from the same image as in step 9.IMG_3095
  13. Attach the other black strip to your 2nd yellow square, closer to the top edge. Cut out 2 more eyes as in step 10 and draw 2 eyeballs facing the left side. Attach the eyes to the center of the black strip. Use the sharpie to draw a sideways smile.IMG_3098
  14. Cut out 3 more yellow squares, about 7-8 cm. Add a black strip to each of them, close to the top end as in step 13. You will need to make 5 more eyes as in step 10.
  15. To 2 of the squares, attach 2 eyeballs each. Stick the last eye to the third square.
  16. On one of the squares with 2 eyes, use the sharpie to draw a round, filled-in circle, for the mouth forming an O (I made my eye balls look up but you can always have them looking straight ahead).IMG_3106
  17. On the remaining 2 squares, draw a curve for a smiling mouth.
  18. Stick the minion squares from steps 11-13 on the top and right inner flap of your box.
  19. Cut out some balloons and stars on white, yellow and blue paper. Stick the stars on the base of your box ( on the inside). Bend the base of the balloon (0.5 inch) and stick that with the rest of the balloon sticking up.                                                                       IMG_3134
  20. I printed some minions from google and cut them out. Cut out a few strips of the dark blue paper and bend the ends slightly. Stick the strips of the dark blue paper on the base. Stick the minions to the strips.
  21. Stick the 3 smaller yellow squares from steps 16-17 on the inner left flap.
  22. I cut out another yellow square (10cm) and wrote out ‘happy birthday’ on a white circular piece. This, I stuck to the inner bottom flap.                             IMG_3156
  23. I printed out a few minion images from google and cut them out for the outside of the box. I stuck one image on each side and a pair of minion eyes to the top of the box.

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  1. miss_ananya says:

    It looks so good!!! ❤❤


    1. Thank you 😀 It was a lot of fun to make.

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  2. Such a cute idea! I’m definitely trying this as a fun DIY project with my little one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should 🙂 It’s so much fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ira says:

    Will definetely try this for my little niece’s birthday. Looks amazing. Loved it❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow this is super cool! You did a great job!


  5. Amal says:

    your posts are always excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster award. Couldn’t find a contact form on your blog. Here’s the link to the award post:


      1. Amal says:



  6. Wonderfully composed art piece
    Deserves great applaud
    Amazing post

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Vogue_Tales says:

    I love minions..nice one😊


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