DIY Assorted Bookmarks

Get reading with these easy to make, fun bookmarks. These DIY creations will definitely inspire you to crack open an book. They’re also perfect as gifts to book worms you may know 🙂

Fav comic book / TV show character:

I love Archie comics and Tintin a lot, specifically the characters Jughead and Capt. Haddock.

For the Jughead bookmark, cut out a 4 inch strip of paper, as long as your palm. Write Jughead on top of the bookmark and draw his different moods (I used my old comics to find his different looks). Color and punch a small hole on the top to thread some ribbon through.


For Capt. Haddock, I printed a few images of his, with his popular curses, and connected them with some plain paper that I drew on. I extended the first image into the paper and glued all 3 parts together. Add a layer of matte mod podge to stiffen it up and it’s good to go.


My current fav TV show is Game of Thrones and I love Tyrion and Arya. I found this perfect image of Tyrion’s with one of his more famous dialogues and printed on cardstock paper, added some matte mod podge to stiffen. I didn’t add any string / ribbon. I think it works well without.


This last bookmark was a perfect quote for bookworms. I couldn’t resist, so I printed it on cardstock paper and added some ribbon 🙂                                                                                                        IMG_3001 - Copy

Tassel Bookmarks:

I used some scraps of felt to create this cute tassel bookmark. Cut out a 2.5 inch rectangle of felt in two contrasting colors (I used blue and red) with a long strand attached to one side (see images below). Use scissors to cut out a few rows in the rectangle to make strips (without going all the way to the top).

Normally, you could just glue the 2 pieces together but I had a cute pin with a bead at the end. I placed the blue felt over the red and rolled inwards to form the tassel and secured it place using the pin. I made a second one using pink and purple felt but twisted the strands together as a braid.

Place the string through your book with the tassel hanging down the side.

Pom-pom bookmark:

Get some pom-poms from your craft store. Use hot glue to attach a contrasting or same color wool / yarn strand to one end of the pom-pom. Simply place the strand in your book with the pom-pom sticking out.

Bottle cap bookmark:

I used an old plastic bottle cap and a picture of Betty from the Archie comics coz she’s so cheery and cute. Cut out your picture to fit the inner side of the cap. Paint the cap (inside and out) whatever color you like ( I went with a bright orange to match Betty’s mood). After it dries, use matte mod podge to stick the image on the inside.

Use a big paper clip (preferably painted the same color as your cap) and use hot glue to affix it to the back of the cap. After everything dries, attach it to your page and close your book until next time 🙂

I did one more with Mr. Weatherbee because he’s my second favorite character from Archie.


Magnet / Washi Tape Bookmark:

Get an adhesive magnetic tape roll from Michaels and some different colored washi tape.

  • Cut out a 2 inch strip of magnet. Cut the magnetic strip into two equal 1 inch strips.              IMG_3143
  •  Cut out a 3 inch strip of paper to stick over the magnet.
  • Use the washi tape to decorate your strip of paper.                                                                          IMG_3144
  • Stick the 2 magnetic strips to the decorated paper with hot glue (make sure the attracting sides of the magnet face up). You need to have a 0.5-1 inch strip between the 2 magnets to fold over the page.                                                                                                       IMG_3145
  • Stick the magnet to the page of your book. The corresponding second magnet will fold over on to the next page.                                                                                                                   IMG_3146

Popsicle stick bookmark:

Eat yummy popsicles and save the sticks. Paint them and design them as you please. I went with emoji faces, random sparkly hot glue designs and a cute li’l bird 🙂


12 thoughts on “DIY Assorted Bookmarks

  1. keenshelly says:

    Ahh the classic Archie! I’ve been at a reading standstill after being one of those voracious readers–I can’t seem to read and finish books anymore…

    Initially set a goal to read x number of books this year but so far nothing but my uni reading lists…Im gonna try these bookmark ideas out and hopefully get out of this reading rut

    Liked by 1 person

  2. keenshelly says:

    In a reading rut right now, I am gonna a try these out to get me out of my funk.

    I was one of those voracious readers, always with a book but for a year I haven’t been able to pick up reading for fun unless you count textbooks and journal articles for university…hopefully this will change soon.


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