DIY Harry Potter Series – Hermione’s Wand (Blogger Request)

I wasn’t planning on making any more wands since I have enough in my stash for at least 14-15 surprise wizards / witches during Halloween. This DIY is a special request by blogger Hana Elwan from my Weasley Wand DIY post. So here goes…


  1. A chopstick
  2. Acrylic Paints – Beige or Fawn, Metallic brass gold sharpie (medium fine)
  3. Hot Glue
  4. Pencil and brushes of medium thickness


  1. Use the hot glue to create the vine-and-leaves template on the stick (this is the image I used: Hermione’s wand template). Here’s an image of how the design looks (it’s a combination of swirls followed by leaves). Just repeat each vine pattern on the stick.
  2. Let the wand dry for 45 mins.
  3. Paint the entire wand with the beige / fawn. Use 2 coats and let dry in between for at least 30 mins.IMG_3341
  4. Use the gold pen to highlight the vine design and let dry ( you can also use a thin brush and gold paint instead of the pen).

I added the name Hermione at the bottom so I wouldn’t confuse it with my other wands. Once again, thank you Hana for giving me this idea to try out 🙂

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  1. Hana Elwan says:

    This is really awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I’m literally doing a list to see what I’ll need to buy right now. Hopefully mine will turn out as good as yours 😀

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    1. 😀 Send a pic when you’re done with it. And let me know if you have more ideas. I’d love to try them out. My brain’s slowly reaching a blank now lol

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  2. Hana Elwan says:

    Reblogged this on Insomnia induced writing and commented:
    Planning to go as a wizard for the next Halloween party?
    Do you have an upcoming harry potter themed birthday?
    Or do you want to have your own wand like a true wizard?
    Here’s how to make a really cool wand, and more.

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  3. Beautiful want! I think I could work some magic with that!


    1. I know right 🙂

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  4. That looks amazing 🙂 what a great idea 😊👍💕

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  5. Fantastic!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent and passion…your blog is smile inducing 🙂


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