Christmas Themed Gift Wrap

Buying commercial gift wrap can be easy but you’re left with all your gifts looking exactly the same. Add a personal touch to each gift with some inexpensive, creative Christmas wrapping ideas. You can use these ideas for any occasion and theme.

Santa Gift wrap:

You will need: Red sheet for wrapping, yellow and black cardstock squares, black sharpie and clear tape.

  • Wrap your gift with the red paper.
  • Cut a small square from the yellow cardstock and make 2 0.5 inch slits in the middle.IMG_3803
  • Cut a strip of black cardstock the same height as the slits in the yellow square and thread the strip through the slits (this forms the Santa belt).                                                      IMG_3804
  • Stick  the belt around the gift ( a little below the middle) and use a sharpie to draw buttons above the belt (Optional: Add two white dots with paint to the buttons).

Reindeer Gift wrap:

You will need: brown paper (available at office supply stores, craft stores etc under $5), hot glue, red pom-pom, black sharpie, clear packing tape (Dollar Store).

  • Wrap your gift in the brown paper, securely closed with tape ( I used brown tissue which was transparent; I would recommend using solid brown paper).
  • Draw 2 oval shapes a little above the middle of the package (these are the reindeer eyes). Add antlers with the sharpie. Let dry for 20 mins.                                                                 IMG_3773
  • Use hot glue to stick the red pom-pom (the nose) below and between the eyes.
  • Draw a tilted mouth with the sharpie and let dry for 20 mins.                                                 IMG_3774

Alternate options: You can use a cardboard cutout for the antlers and eyes for a more 3D look.

Tree Ornament Wrap:

Another brown paper wrapping idea.

You will need: brown paper (available at office supply stores, craft stores etc under $5), black sharpie and ruler, pencil, clear packing tape, glitter glue – red, green, silver.

  • Wrap your gift in the brown paper, securely closed with tape ( I decided  to use a plain brown box).
  • From one edge of the package, draw a few lines with the sharpie, of varying lengths, and let dry for 20 mins.
  • Use the black sharpie or colored ones (optional) to draw circles or ovals of different shapes from the ends of the lines.
  • Fill the circles in with the glitter glue and let dry over night.                                                           IMG_3777

Berries, leaves and pine:

Easiest wrapping idea and the most attractive. Purchase a bunch of different mini Christmas bouquets from the craft store – berries, leaves, pine cones, snow flakes etc, twine of red / green / silver and clear tape.

  • Use a solid paper to wrap your gift. After securing with tape, wrap the gift in a pretty bow with twine.
  • At the center of your package, insert a combination of berries, leaves, pine, silver flowers, glitter and snow dusted leaves. You can write Christmas quotes on the wrap once done.

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