Boho Home Series: Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Make your own, boho inspired ribbon bracelets / anklets. These require very basic, beginner jewelry tools.

Hanging Charm Cord / Ribbon Bracelet –


  1. Ribbon / Cord Necklace Pack from Michaels (Link: Ribbon Cord Necklace)
  2. Charms – I chose some assorted charm packs from Michaels
  3. Jump rings and lobster clasps (Links: Lobster Clasp, Jump Rings)
  4. Mini Round Nose Pliers (Link: Michaels Mini Pliers)
  5. Scissors


  1. Assemble all your materials in your work space. I chose a maroon ribbon from the pack, with attached clasps and rings for easy use. I picked a few random charms from my collection.IMG_4497
  2. I decided to have 3 charms hanging on my ribbon with a bigger charm close to the clasp. Straighten your ribbon/cord and pick 3 points on it to attach charms.
  3. Use the pliers to gently open one jump ring and attach all of the cord in, leaving the ribbon free (you can put the ribbon with the cord into the ring if you wish).                             IMG_4498
  4. Gently close the jump ring with the pliers. I found that using scissors to close the rings was easier than the pliers.
  5. Repeat this with 2 more jump rings a little distance away along the length.
  6. Use 3 jump rings to attach the charms into and hang these rings on to the existing ones on the chain.
  7. Attach a slightly bigger charm and jump ring near the clasp (I went with a Gemini charm because it looked so cute and I happen to be one).                                                                   IMG_4499
  8. Wrap the necklace 2-3 times around your wrist. The charm near your clasp will be displayed above with the smaller ones hanging below. I love how it turned out 🙂 

Monogrammed Charm Wrap Bracelet –


  1. Assorted ribbon packs from Hobby Lobby – Lace ribbon pack – Hobby Lobby ( I chose the lace one but there are many to choose from)
  2. Charms – I chose monogram letters from the Monogram cameo collection at Hobby Lobby
  3. Jump rings and lobster clasps (See links above)
  4. Mini Round Nose Pliers (See link above)
  5. Scissors


  1. Select 2-3 pieces of different colored ribbon and make one knot each, at both ends with all 3 ribbons.IMG_4455
  2. Wrap the ribbon around your wrist twice and cut the remaining. Attach a jump ring through the ribbons at the knot (from step 1) using the pliers. Put a lobster clasp through the jump ring.IMG_4457
  3. Connect 3-4 jump rings to form a mini chain and attach it to the other knot (away from the clasp).IMG_4456
  4. Attach a jump ring through your monogrammed charm and thread it through the middle of the entire ribbon. Knot the ribbon around the jump ring. 

  5. You can leave the ribbon as is or add a few more knots along the ribbon for a chunky appearance.

Metal Word Connector Wrap Bracelet –


  1. Metal word connectors from Michael’s. (Link: Inspirational word connectors)
  2. Ribbon or cord of different colors
  3. Scissors


  1. This is the easiest to make as it does not require any tools besides scissors. Select 2-3 pieces of different colored ribbon, cord or both and lay them out. Wrap them twice around your wrist and cut away the remaining.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the connector, positioning it toward the middle of the entire length.IMG_4452
  3. Wrap the entire bracelet around your wrist and make a knot on the under side of your wrist with the word facing you.                                                                                                                           IMG_4454
  4. To make the wrapping easier, you can add clasps and rings (from the first bracelet tutorial above).

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  1. These are so cute!


  2. Aloha crafts says:

    So cute ! I loved it ❤


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