Boho Home Series: DIY Dreamcatchers

A dream catcher is a traditional, handmade hoop with a woven net within. 

The original web dream catcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach natural wisdom. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through the feathers. The slightest movement of the feathers indicated the passage of yet another beautiful dream. Bad dreams, however, are confused and confusing. They cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun rises.

(I love how a random google search brings out the most random and interesting results). 

Today’s post is about….Surprise…Surprise…A DIY on dream catchers.

What you need:

  1. A metallic or wood hoop (available at Joanns, in the sewing section)
  2. Any old rags or spare fabric you may have laying around
  3. Hot glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Thread
  6. Twine
  7. A whole lotta patience 🙂

What you do:

  1. I had some old purple /turquoise fabric pieces laying around, so I used those. Cut all your fabric into thin strips (thickness of your finger and as long as you can). You will need enough to cover the hoop completely and for hanging at the bottom.
  2. Add a little hot glue to the tip of one strip and wrap it around the hoop as a starting point. Keep wrapping the strip around the hoop and close to the end of the strip, add some glue to seal it. 
  3. Attach the next strip partially over the first and glue it together. Wrap all the strips around the hoop until it is completely covered.                                                                     IMG_2479
  4. Attach one strip to the top of your hoop, as a hanging loop. Make 2 knots and cut off the excess ends.    IMG_2480
  5. Use some twine or thread to make a knot on one end of the hoop. Keep looping the thread all through the hoop, in a zig-zaggy fashion, to get a random looking web. You can add a few beads through some of the loops before winding it around the hoop.
  6. Secure the final loop with a small knot and a dot of glue.
  7. Take the strips you have for the bottom of the hoop and tie one around one corner and make a knot. You can cut off the excess ends or let them hang.                                     IMG_2483
  8. Keep doing this for all strips evenly. Cover the entire bottom of the hoop. 
  9. You can make a few knots in the strips towards the bottom of the strip, to give a chunky feel. Find a suitable place to hang 🙂

I made 2 more, smaller ones using suede string from the leather section at craft stores. I had some spare lock / key charms and beads that I attached to the middle while looping. I also added feather accents by gluing them to the suede string. I connected both together to make one long dreamcatcher.


I got this gorgeous, huge one from the dollar store. It was so colorful, I couldn’t resist. You can also add crocheted designs to the centers of your dream catchers by knotting their ends securely to the hoop using string. Makes it easier than looping string all around the hoops.IMG_2421

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  1. Lillypad says:

    These are wonderful 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂

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  2. I love dreamcatchers!

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  3. Silhouette says:

    wow! that’s cool

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  4. Dysis says:



  5. caitpb says:

    I really like the colors on the fabric dreamcatcher! They really pop!

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  6. What a lovely dreamcatcher!!! I love it so much.

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  7. N says:

    These are amazing!

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  8. LynDurante says:

    This is so nice. I will keep this for future crafting with my daughters. =)

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