My first Harry Potter Convention … ‘LeakyCon 2018’ … Part 1

The weekend of Aug 10-12, 2018 marked the first Harry Potter convention in Dallas… LeakyCon 2018Β … and it was a fabulous experience. Getting to volunteer to see what goes on behind the scenes for such a huge event, packing and arranging merchandise for display and meeting a few famous stars marked only a few of the exciting moments for me πŸ™‚

In this post, I will take you on my ‘LC’ journey from the moment I got there till the final exploration of all the vendor stalls. This will be a long post so bear with me but there will be tons of pictures πŸ™‚ Part 2 of this post will focus on ribbons and other free random HP knick-knacks.

First, the glorious entrance (a lot of selfies were taken here and near the LeakyCon signs).


Next, I got my Volunteer t-shirt, badge and finished orientation.


We had to fill a lot of ‘swag bags’ for the attendees, with an LC book about the event, schedules for each day, a sticker, pen and a book in a shiny, silky emblazoned purple bag. Inside was a map of the entire area, guest star biographies and blank pages to get autographs.

My first stall in the marketplace was a ‘Potions’ stall (there were many of them). Lovely hand-crafted glass bottles of potions in their original book descriptions with sparkly quills.

IMG_0191Β Untitled

Next was a furniture, signs and odds-n-ends store. They had this awesome deathly hallows table which I’m totally going to try and make πŸ˜€ The death mark book and the tealight candles definitely accentuate the table.


And signs and plaques from the books and movies. These two were my favorite.


The last section was assorted stickers, magnets, wands, socks etc all neatly arranged in a fabulous way.IMG_0172.JPG

On the way to the next stall, I saw a woman with this creepy Dobby head sticking out of her backpack. Had to take a pic.IMG_0195

The next stall was a carved item store (the carving was made with rubber and clay, I think). It was very squishy to touch.

Try to spot tiny Hedwig hiding in the second image πŸ™‚


Lastly, the jewelry store. There was a huge tree with lit up branches with all the chains and pendants hanging. My fav was the time turner necklace. Very intricately designed and created.Untitled1

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the LeakyCon series where I post about the wonderful ribbon trade / exchange. Definitely the most fun part of any Potter event, interacting with other Potterheads and trading different printed ribbons or other handmade crafts.

There will be more pics πŸ™‚

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  1. Jessica says:

    That Dobby head scared me a little XD
    It must’ve been fascinating to see what goes behind the scenes in such big conventions!


  2. That looks amazing!!!!!


    1. It was a ton of fun πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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