DIY Harry Potter Series – Daily Prophet Newspaper

Remember the scene in Harry Potter when he is reading the Daily Prophet. You can read yours too by following this simple DIY.

What you need –

  • A good, working b/w printer and A4 sheets
  • Elmer’s glue or matte mod podge
  • Scissors

What you do:

    • First, google daily prophet images to create your own story and print them. Lay out your pages and decide which 2 pages form the front and back covers of your paper.
    • Glue the printed sections of both sheets on the same side by joining the 2 ends of the paper to form a book cover. This will be the outer cover of your newspaper.            IMG_E0050


  • After choosing two inner pages, glue them back to back. Do the same for all other pages so you have images on both sides of the paper.                      IMG_5477
  • Use the glue to attach each glued page (from the step above) to the main cover. Let everything dry (these pages will be slightly thicker since they were glued together). Fold 0.5″ of the pages and stick one fold over the other like in the image below.IMG_5533
  • You can either roll up the paper and tie it with some twine or leave it open.

Here are a few that I made. These are quick to make and perfect gifts for HP lovers.

You can also make Quibblers like Luna has by following the DIY here: DIY Harry Potter Series – Loony Luna Lovegood


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