Lord of the Rings – DIY Elven Leaf Brooch

I saw the Elven brooch in the movies and just had to make it. All you need is some air dry clay, twine, paint and glue.

What you need?

  1. Air dry clay
  2. Hot glue
  3. Plain jewelry pin from any craft store
  4. Twine / Jewelry wire
  5. Paint – Metallic forest green and dark green, Silver
  6. Silver glitter glue

How to make it:

    • Start with a palm sized ball of clay at least 2 inches thick. Roll it out and knead to form a triangle shape 0.5″ thick (to give the leaf stability).
    • Gently press and spread out the structure to form a leaf like structure.                           LOTR elf brooch
    • Turn the leaf over and attach the plain jewelry pin to the middle of the leaf and cover it with a small section of clay.                                                                                                      LOTR elf brooch2
    • Use two pieces of wire / twine (one small and one large) and insert it at the base of the leaf (opposite the tip) as shown in the images.                                                                         LOTR elf brooch4
    • Paint the entire leaf with the forest green paint and let everything dry overnight.         LOTR elf brooch3
    • Outline the edges of the leaf with the silver glitter glue. Once dry, add a main branch on each leaf with smaller extending branches (find a google image to use as reference). Let everything dry overnight.Untitled1
    • To get dimension for the branches, you can add a layer of hot glue over the glitter glue and let dry.IMG_E0051


  • Use wire to create the loop design on the front of the leaf at the top and bottom (you can use an image to create the pattern) and attach it with hot glue to the back of the leaf.Untitled
  • Once dry, paint over the branches with silver glue and use darker green paint to paint the inner sections of the leaf to give some dimension.

Wear a cloak and attach the pin at the center 🙂

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