DIY Harry Potter Series – Sirius Black DIYs (because it’s his Birthday and he’s my favorite character)

I love, love Sirius Black . He and Prof Snape are my two favorite characters from HP. This post is dedicated to his possessions (his wand and his Azkaban prison sign which I’m sure he wouldn’t want to associate with).

SIRIUS BLACK’S WAND – Quite easy to make, with easy to get materials but involves time and a lot of patience.

  • You will need: 1 chopstick (preferably a small, short and rectangular one, black acrylic paint, dark blue fine sharpie, black glitter glue, a fine brush or toothpick
  • What you do: Paint the chopstick with 2 coats of black paint and let dry in between for 20 mins.
    • Using an online image of the wand design, draw the design using the sharpie on the chopstick (you can erase mistakes using alcohol wipes). This is the design I used (Sirius Wand Design)
    • Use the glitter glue to go over the design to make it stand out (you cannot use the bottle directly as it comes out thick; use toothpicks or fine brushes). This is a time consuming step as you can only do one section at a time and let it dry overnight.IMG_5657
    • Once all sides are done and dried, you can go over a few sections again if you’d like the design darker.

Remember that the design won’t stand out after the glue dries but will have a slight impression on the wood.

AZKABAN PRISON SIGN – This was definitely easier than the wand, only because I had a plaque that I re-used.

  • You will need: 1 hanging sign or plaque (craft stores or amazon), dark brown spray paint, khaki and light fawn acrylic paint, black sharpie (thick and thin), matte mod podge
  • Process:
    • Spray paint the entire sign brown (best to do cover your surface with paper before spraying to avoid stains). Let dry overnight. DO NOT make the mistake I did which was waving a fan right after spraying to dry faster. I ended up getting some bubbles in the left corner 😦
    • Use the sharpie to carefully outline the numbers and runic letters on the sign (this is the google image I used as a template: Google – Azkaban Sign Image). You can divide the sign into sections with the thin sharpie as you will be painting over it.IMG_5358
    • Paint five squares (over the numbers), 2 rectangles below using the fawn paint  and ‘Azkaban Prison’ words on top of the squares (cover the numbers and symbols with the paint) and let dry.
    • Re-write everything over the paint with the thick sharpie (you can see where my 9 became really thick; be careful when writing). Use multiple coats to make everything pop and let dry.                                                                                    IMG_5387
    • Add a coat or two of the matte podge and let dry.

Hang your sign somewhere appropriate; hint: perhaps the basement or attic door 😛



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