Fantastic Beasts: ‘The American Charmer’ magazine DIY

‘Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald’ comes out in a few weeks and I’m super excited. My plan is to go with friends to watch the movie dressed up as characters from the movies with correct props.

I wanted to make a Bowtruckle but a magazine seemed quicker. I chose ‘The American Charmer‘ from the franchise to take with me.


You will need:

  1. A good working, color printer and paper
  2. Google images
  3. Glue and scissors

What you do:

  • Do a google search to find appropriate images and articles to match your topic and print the sheets out. Some articles might not be available but you can always create your own using Word basing them off of the front page title.
    • For example, I found images and information on vintage clothing styles of the 1920s to include in my magazine.                                                                                          Untitled
  • The first step is to create the front and back cover. I found one cover page of the magazine for the front and a  matching cover page for the back.
  • Print both sheets and cut them out with some extra paper on either side (about an inch). Add a small strip of glue to the inner side of the back cover and stick it tot he front (make sure the pages are aligned correctly).                                                                              906DE917-3BB4-4E96-95D3-2C49BFDB73AD
  • Let it dry and start gathering the inner pages to stick in.
  • Decide the order of the pages and stick one image to the backside of another page to form a double sided page. Stick this page into your book.
  • Start with the last page and stick each page over it to form a book. Let everything dry.18304448-E792-44A7-97C9-210FAD1CB750
  • You might have to add more glue to stick the pages in firmly.
  • Try adding some advertisements or posters for certain products.                                      B477AD5B-AB1D-4A60-9CDB-C97370154E80

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  1. fablehunter says:

    Such a cute idea and so well done! I did a study on 20’s fashion and think the pictures look accurate and great. Who are you planning to dress up as? I’m so excited for The Crimes of Grindelwald as well! Though I didn’t make it, I DO have a bowtruckle and its so adorable, I love have it around.


    1. I’m going as Luna. She is Newt’s granddaughter-in-law so it fits 🙂 Plus I dressed as her for 3 Halloween’s and have everything ready.

      Liked by 1 person

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