Game of Thrones DIY T-Shirts

It’s birthday time for friends which means more DIY gifts. This year’s request from the birthday girl was a G.O.T themed T-shirt with the words ‘Not Today’ since Arya was so bad-ass in the last season.


  • Pre-washed T-shirts (preferable cotton)
  • Fabric spray paint or fabric nozzle paint
  • Stencils of your images
  • Washi-tape
  • X-acto knife


  • You will need images from google. I printed a silhouette of Arya, direwolf and the words ‘Not Today’. Cut the images carefully with the knife; these will be your stencils for the next steps so be careful when cutting.
  • Pick your area on the t-shirt where you want your design to go and attach the wolf stencil using washi tape.8EA2E7A3-0547-4046-B09E-F16DD170D134
  • Either spray the paint or brush it on and let dry overnight (I prefer brushing over spraying since it is less messy). I used a gray glitter paint. 880E11F3-B591-42A8-AD04-9E1D82B57F4D
  • Once the paint is dry, attach the image of Arya over the wolf following the steps above and paint it blue (I used spray paint for this step). Let dry.
    • As you can see, the silhouette got a little smudged because of the spray paint, while removing the stencil. It looks like Jon Snow more than Arya 😦  Oh well… 7D91C902-BF03-49BF-B488-96A5CC347A8D.jpeg
  • Place the ‘Not Today’ stencil below the painted images and paint. Let everything dry.  F6AFD349-98F8-4145-B533-9E02CA0888CD

This was my prototype T-shirt. I decided to keep this for my self and make two better ones for my friend.

I made one with the same wolf and Arya silhouette concept with her name on top and another one with an Arya silhouette over a repeating handwritten background of her kill list.



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